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Since many of the best DJs in the industry use our services, we have access to and can contact them on your behalf for your event. Call for more information and our recommendations.


DJ Cassidy website

Mark Ronson

AM website Deceased but site is still up for tribute

D'NICE website

DJ Vincent Vanguard website

Beverly Bond

Kiss website

Doug Greyson

DJ Rukus

DJ Berrie

Tod Mallis

Lady Bunny website

Nick Cohen

Sam Ronson

Mel DeBarge

Alex Jones

Jay Vee

Baby Blue


and many others...




OK everyone knows that we have the best sounding DJ sound systems ● (period). The records sound just as if the artist is playing live. In fact our sound systems are so clear and powerful that I have been asked many times "when will the band stop and the DJ go on" when he's already playing. Can't afford the top sound? We will always have the best sound for the same dollars than anyone in New York. We will work with your budget

We are industry leaders in custom-designed DJ consoles. To give the look and feel of a permanent installation, our equipment is not laid out on a table with all the wires exposed. The wires are hidden, and equipment is contained inside the console. Our consoles have a custom-designed suspension system built-in to help reduce feedback and skipping. We have installed dimmable lighting to keep adequate light on the DJ equipment as well as the record and CD selection.


Many DJs have asked us to design a system as per their specifications. The DJ will then be familiar with the equipment they are getting in terms of height and control locations. This reduces the "getting familiar" time for the DJ. They can come right into the event and concentrate on playing rather than finding the correct controls. 


Our custom-designed consoles fit comfortably on top of our custom-designed amps and processing racks. This reduces the footprint of the equipment. All processing and amps are in one area. We provide the correct processing and amps depending on the size and speakers used at the event. We can work "backwards" with your budget to design the proper equipment needed for your event. We can also supply pictures and specifications of required equipment for your inspection. Please call or email for a quote.