New York Sound & Visual Corp is New York's first and foremost "Boutique" production company. Doing event and concert production since 1974. We specialize in sound, lighting, video, staging and special effects. We offer rental, custom installations, sales and service. We are factory authorized dealers for many of the top brands in the industry. We cover the entire world doing production, rentals and custom installations from Africa, Europe, and Asia to The Caribbean, Mexico and Columbia SA. When you simply want the "best" we are here for you.



Since we work with many high profile and celebrity clients, in fact Patrick McMullen, celebrity photographer and host of E's Full Frontal Fashion, nicknamed Barry Scott our CEO "Soundman to the Stars" since he sees us at so many hi profile events.  We have a very diverse list. We wish to protect their privacy, and thus have not exploit them by listing them on our website. If you email us a request for a list of a particular type of clients (i.e. production, retail, home, nightclub, live sound, fashion, celebrity), we will gladly respond as per your request.



New York Sound & Visual Corp. has been in business since 1974. We are the first "Boutique" production and installation company. We provide high quality and personal service for our clients. Our company is large enough to do events up to 75,000 people at an outdoor concert, yet small enough to give individual attention to each of our clients. We cater to small clients that only need a microphone, speaker, and PA (starting at $250) to whatever can be imagined within your budget. Our primary focus is providing outstanding specialized service for every client.


We have always been an innovator in the sound and lighting field, and the first company to:

We are always working towards new and better ways to make our sound and lighting the highest quality possible with the look our clients desire. We have worked extensively around the world, winning many awards for “Best Design”. We continually strive to be a pioneer in both technology and sleek look.